Friday, registration at Bailuzhou hotel, followed by 5.7km city river run from the hotel with one beer stop ending up at The Orient hash bar on Guanren Lu. Many stayed on into the wee hours to watch World Cup soccer games, most notably the Dutch. Hare: Senora Aureola.

Saturday, runners departed at intervals to various start points for Rambos (16.4km/640m elevation change. Hares: A.N.A.L. and Small Cups) left from hotel, buses took runners to start points for long run (10.0km/350m elevation change. Hares: Speedy Gonzalez and Sanitary Pads) from the east gate botanical gardens and short (5.4km/180 elevation change. Hares: Rustle in the Bush and Crabs) runs from Zhenzhuwan garden. Over mountains and along the beach with 2 or 3 beer stops to the eventual circle site in a disused car park of a closed down restaurant. On oN bash in Jiali Restaurant, Huandao Nan Lu.

Sunday, buses departed for ferry to Gulangyu. Short walk (3.9km) and long run (6.1km) intertwined around the island from the ferry station which was the start and the finish point. Hares: Rimmer and Color Wolf. Back to the mainland for a lunch bash at Dafengyuan restaurant, Zengcuo’an Xi Lu and namings in the garden.