The 14th ACNH took place on 22-24 May 2015.

Thursday saw a sort of full moon run from Maya Bar. It stared in the dark and ended close to midnight. The circle was outside the KTV in the sport stadium opposite. Hares: Private Parts and Pain in the Clit.

Friday had registration from 1pm at the Grand Metropark on Pinghai Lu, and generally slumming around in the garden until the run. The run was round the city landmarks starting and finishing at the venue, circle in the Garden. Hare: Private Parts.

Saturday morning saw the second ever rusty man challenge with about 30 keen hashers. A full english breakfast was served on the 21st floor executive lounge area together with a bloody Mary, all mandatory, followed by a 5km run with a beer stop each km, then an egg and spoon challenge around the garden including fences, ponds, hurdles etc. Hares: Haggis from Wanchai (founder) and Magic Footlong For the second time, a MOOS was the winner, Spitters are quitters from Shanghai Hash.

Saturday had 3 runs, a ballbuster 19km, a long 12km and a short 8 km. Buses took people to the start and the end for all runs was the roof top of a restaurant in nine creeks area with nice view of mountains and the river. Bash on site. BB hares were Gasbag, Cums too quick and Pain in the Clit. LR hares: Private Parts, Ring of Fire and Phonebox. SR hares: Sweet FA and Heavy Junk.

Sunday had one run which started at the bell tower a short bus ride from the venue and finished in a restaurant with great circle area and limited interference from the IPs somewhere south of the mountains. Hares: Private Parts, Pain in the Clit, Pussy Galore and Small Cups.