Below follows a record, as best known to the author from records kept so far: The First Nash Hash, which was combined with the BH3 1000th was held in Beijing, May 18th and 19th 2002. The former May 18th being the BH3 100th, and the latter, May 19th being the 1st Nash Hash.

These were preceded by runs 999-999G from 24 March until that fateful May weekend, to secure a day with potentially good weather and the Nash Hash was co-numbered the BH3 run #1009 to put the hareline back in order. The Hash itself was held in Fragrant Hills, hared by Rugburn, Ratchucker, Prickly Nipples and Quick Draw.

The 4 BH3 1000th runs were the Great Wall hared by Wrong Way, Artsy Fartsy and Chris Fry, the Ming Tombs hared by the Rat, Old Summer Palace hared by Rear Entry and Masturbaker, and Houhai Lake hared by Chubby, OP and Don.