This year’s China Run was organized by Sanya. More than 50 foreigners came from the country, including 150 people from Shanghaikou, Qionghai, and 98hash. We found Houhai, a very characteristic small fishing village, as a meeting point for running, so that guests can experience the beauty of Sanya. The welcome route is simple, and the main purpose is to let everyone get to know each other first, but the foreigners drank too hard and drank 48 boxes of canned beer and 12 barrels of 10 liters of beer.

The official running is divided into three routes according to the usual practice: short-term 6 kilometers, long-term 10 kilometers, and explosive running 18 kilometers. The first thing I set out was the explosive run. Others had to be 2 hours late. It’s not accustomed to running at noon. It’s okay to run after a nap. As a result, running at noon is uncomfortable, plus last night’s I drank a lot, and retched while running. I had to run a short line if I wanted to run a long line. When I first set off, I was going uphill, and I had to stop and gasp for a while. When I went down the mountain, some confetti was washed away by the rain yesterday and it was hard to find. I wasted more than ten minutes. The foreigners had a great time in the ice session, and everyone had a great time.

When they were about to go back to eat, the people in Shekou Hash said that there was one missing girl, and they still ran away, asking if they had seen it. This time I was terrified. I asked the last person who came back and said they didn’t see it. There was no one on the road calling for help. I couldn’t answer the phone or send WeChat. I was worried that something might happen. The four of Mengmeng decided to return to look for them, and the others went back to eat first. We were not in the mood to eat at the restaurant. Later, I didn’t know who asked me to ask if it was in the main venue. I called the prince, and within two minutes I made a video saying that she was indeed there. Cheers everyone! It turned out that she had gone wrong and lost her way, so she found a farmhouse and told people if she was in Houhai one day, could she find a car to take her back, and then took a taxi and went back. Her mobile phone went in when she was playing on the beach last night. The screen cannot see or hear the sound of incoming calls when it is water. What a false alarm! So everyone let go!

The farewell ran at the Shibalian Waterfall in Zhuluoling, the river-tracing route. Considering that everyone was a little tired, I took a simple route. However, my waist was corrected by Chinese medicine in the morning and I didn’t dare to go up. This group of foreigners is too good to play. They can sit on the ice for 2 hours. The Chinese are so tired that they don’t want to stand and sit next to each other. Some people sneak away and go home to sleep.

However, the event was very successful. I thought about everything I could think of, and adjusted it in time if I felt unsatisfactory. Thank you very much to all the rabbits, volunteers and people who have worked hard! thank you all!

Hong Qigong