The second Nash Hash (Called Pan China) was hosted by Shanghai in August 29-31, 2003. The Saturday runs were: #1 Dong Shan, hared by Boring English Cunt and Domestic Violence, #2, Wu Jing, hared by Wee Wullie and Spiderman. #3 Qing Pu, hares Terminal Bottom Ailment and Pavarotten, #4, She Shan, hares Body Shot and Raunchy Reverberation. The Sunday runs were #5, Gao Qiao Pu Dong, hared by No Balls, Ball & Chain and YMCA, but was cancelled due to a too early start, hangovers and fierce competitor from run #6, the bund, hared by Octopussy and Empty Vessel, and run #7, in the French Concession hared by Two Dogs Fucking and Mayo Pijou from the host venue Memories. The Saturday night included a boat trip down the Huang Pu River to view the Bund.