11-13 September 2020 – Sanya, Hainan

Everything has been put on hold due to the COVID-19, but now we are back, please cooperate with us to start preparations for the Nash Hash 2020. It is urgent for us to determine approximately how many people are scheduled to attend the event so that we can arrange the venue, hotel, route and custom gifts.

Please submit the registration information through the following link, register before May 1st to enjoy the early bird price 750RMB, the payment can be postponed to July 1st, and if you confirm that you cannot come to participate in the activity before August 1st, you can apply for the refund of 80% of the registration fee, looking forward to meeting with you in the blue sky and blue sea of Sanya in September.

On On!

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Proposed Schedule for ACNH 2020


  • 星期五 欢迎跑10:00-22:00 全天开放签到领装备,报路线,报名BB和RM
    Friday: 10am-10pm registration, hash stash pick up and welcome beer
  • 16:00-16:30 参加欢迎跑的人主酒店集合
    Meet for Friday’s run
  • 16:30 欢迎跑开始,初步计划鹿回头公园
    Pack leaves
  • 18:30-19:30 结束跑步,坐冰
  • 19:30 晚餐 西式自助餐
  • 21:00 酒吧时间,无限啤酒供应
    On on on


星期六 正式跑

  • 2020年9月12日
    星期六 正式跑10:00 酒吧开放
  • 11:00 爆蛋跑发车 距离估计21-30公里
    Ballbusters leave
  • 12:00 其它人员发车 走、跑两条线路,跑步10公里,走路6公里
    Walkers and runners leave. run ~10k, walk ~6k
  • 17:30-18:30 结束跑步,坐冰
  • 19:30 晚餐 中式晚餐
    dinner and party
  • 21:30 酒吧时间 无限啤酒供应
    On on on at the beach


星期日 欢送跑

  • 2020年9月13日
    星期日 欢送跑8:30 生锈的人集合出发,城市绕圈,共5公里,每公里一个补酒点
  • 11:30 欢送跑发车 凉爽溯溪线路,车上提供简餐
    Hangover run
  • 15:30 结束跑步,坐冰
  • 16:30 活动结束 车辆送回主酒店
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