The annual All China Nash Hash took place in Dongguan September 13 to 15. Starting at One for the Road (OFTR), this drinking club with a running problem went on a series of hash runs looking for marks to lead them to the next drinking spot. Participants were given a full kit that included their shirts with their hash names and clubs, a backpack with a water bag and much more.

Of course, throughout the hashes, they were given free beer at select meeting spots supplied by OFTR. The courses were designed by the Dongguan Hash House Harriers (DGH3), with help from individuals in each club, taking participants through trails in Qifeng Park and Tongsha.

An estimated 160 people in teams hailing from Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities across China joined DGH3 for a weekend of drinking shenanigans. At the end of each run, hashers stayed true to their traditions and formed a circle for honors and accusations. If a hasher was seen cheating on the trail they were called into to circle, with their accusation stated, and had to drink.

There were six hashes over the weekend: Full Moon Hash, Ball Busters Walkers, Runners, Rusty Man Runners, and the Hangover Run.