There’s something more powerful than Covid19 out there:
Do you silently recite “five-four-three….” when you sip your pint? Do garish T-shirts leap out at you when you open your closet? Do you scrutinize street corners for white marks?

If so, you’ve got a dose of the Hash2020 virus

It’s hard to believe that 50 years have elapsed since hash records began in Hong Kong. Fifty years of unforgettable excursions, unexpected friendships and unprecedented exuberance. We’ve witnessed hash weddings, challenges, tours, and charity gigs, all enriched with the irrepressible optimism and energy of the hashing ethos.

And now – Despite the unwelcome attentions of our unwanted viral friend, we’re going to celebrate this half-century of life-affirming lunacy with an all-encompassing jamboree of hashing; The Hong Kong Half Century Pan Has. Come one, Come All!

November 13-15, 2020

Further information can be found here