Chengdu boasts a reputation as a renowned city of gastronomy, home to
the world’s largest panda breeding center and sanctuary, As well as an
excellent place to observe Chinese daily life and culture.

Situated in a basin, the mountains surrounding the city provide an ideal location for hashing and scenic views.


April 5th-7th

Hotel Recommendations:

• Rui Lai Si Hotel 瑞莱斯酒店
• Friendship Hotel 友谊宾馆


• Until March 1st: 500RMB
• After March 1st: 600RMB


• Friday, April 5th:

o Moonlight Hash around the city
o Dinner Party

• Saturday, April 6th:

o Walk/Run/Ballbuster
o Hash Bash

• Sunday, April 7th:

o Hangover Run
o Final Lunch

*Chengdu Panda Hash will also include patches and a t-shirt. Other haberdashery to be confirmed soon!

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